Back to Reality

I have been neglecting my website for a long time now as well as my social media and I’m trying now to keep up with both of them. I miss being part of the online community. Thank you for reading and following me despite the absences.

Had a great time in Naples last week! The beach was clean and the sunset was absolutely beautiful

We had some time and stopped by the Everglades. There were alligators everywhere. They are completely unavoidable. Here is a picture of one but don’t worry we were separated by at least one hundred yards and a fence. I’m definitely a coward when it comes to wild animals!

On the way back home we passed through Savannah, Georgia. That is definitely a town we want to take a few days off and visit.

Back to reality now, I finally finished my taxes yesterday!

Today I have plans to do nothing but cross stitch. I have to finish a piece for the online needlework show. This will be my first year participating and I am so glad to have the opportunity to do this. I have everything done for the show but this piece, my plan was to finish stitching it while i was on vacation. All I can say is that that poor thing never got a chance to even get out of my stitching bag ( and now that I see it, the bag didn’t have the opportunity to get out of my suitcase LOL)

See you soon!!!


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