His father revealed that Thierry Witsel’s favorite team was Arsenal just without luck.

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Axel Witsel’s father, Thierry Witsel has revealed that. His heir’s favorite team, Arsenal of the English Premier League almost ended up getting along but missed out.

Axel was born from Standard Liege youth until he played in the senior team in 2006. Having spent more than five seasons wandering abroad in Portugal , Russia , China , Germany and most recently in Spain.  

However, if the Belgian had picked his favorite team ‘ Cannons ‘ in the summer of 2011 instead of Benfica. They could have a different career path forever UFABET.

” Teams interested in him I can dig out as a set. ” he said via Het Belang van Limberg.

“ Juventus had missed his signature in the last hours of the buy – sell market. Or back in his days as a youngster at Standard Liege. Arsenal came knocking on the door. ”  

 That’s his favorite club. But no official offer came in. ” 

 Or back in the youth, teams likeAnderlecht , AjaxorevenRealMadridwere approached . ” 

“ At the time I still wanted Axel to play football close to home at Liege. There was no point to regret . 

The 33 – year-old has at least one trophy at most clubs. Including Standard Liege , Benfica , Zenit St Petersburg or Dortmund, except for Tianjin Quan. Jian as for Atletico Madrid still waiting to prove.