Rafael Benitez is the new coach of Forest instead of Cooper.

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Former English Premier League manager Rafael Benitez is becoming Forest’s new candidate head coach replacing Steve Cooper. Who is under pressure from his impressive performance disappointed.

Reports from ‘ Mail Online ‘ that after ‘ The Wild ‘ defeated Leicester 0-4 yesterday. Resulted in dropping to the bottom of the table with only four points. Losing form in the last five matches.  

Make ‘ Sky Bet ‘ cut the lowest payout price to be released from nine at City Ground with a price of 2/9 ( bet 9 pay 2 , excluding capital ) .

That’s because owner Evangelos Maricanis doesn’t trust the 42 – year-old boss even after leading the play-offs. Successfully move up But the prestige in the dressing room is consider low. Who will rule over the  22  new players they grab in the summer? became a difficult problem to find a solution UFABET

As a result, the owners of Greece may decide to end the situation by sacking the Welshman and looking at a new. Experience head coach to help maintain his top-flight status. 

One of the favorites is Rafael Benitez, who is currently unemployed. He has in the past managed English Premier League clubs such as Liverpool , Chelsea , Newcastle and most recently Everton.  

Another option is Sean Dyce. The former manager of Burnley, who is still unemployed.