Tomori admits that he was in a good way to meet Chelsea.

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AC Milan defender Fikayo Tomori admits that he was in a good way to meet Chelsea in the Champions League group stage (Oct 5). Because he would get compounded revenge. who dared to look over his head refused to use him.

The 24 year-old was release to Milan on loan in January 2021. But was sold out in the summer with only his second season at the San Siro earning Scudetto UFABET

The chance to come back and fight on the European stage was like a destiny. That had already been drawn in Tomori’s opinion.  

” I seem to know I’m going to meet Chelsea before the real draw. So when the road is drawn it’s exciting.”  he said via ‘ Mail Online ‘.

“ It shook in his mind. who thinks that he has to orbit to meet Chelsea because it feels like it will happen . 

“ When the official lottery results come out. The friends were teasing – you already know, you know -”  

” Being Chelsea first , being British , it adds to the motivation. ” 

“ Going back to Stamford Bridge where it all started was an opportunity to show your true self again. ” 

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